About Robin Matthews - High Society Photographer

Robin Matthews started his career as assistant to the renowned high society photographer Lord Snowdon and subsequently spent four years travelling the world capturing such iconic figures as Sir Laurence Olivier, Giorgio Armani and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

With such enviable training behind him Robin quickly established himself as a serious portrait photographer and his work became highly sought after in the world of celebrity and fashion. He was regularly commissioned by quality publications such as Vogue, Harpers and Queen, Tatler and the Sunday Times to take visual profiles of famous people. Some of his well-known sitters have included the Queen, Pavarotti, Peter Ustinov and even Yasser Arafat.

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Working with such high-profile subjects has been an interesting and unforgettable experience for Robin. He regularly encountered glamour and drama including one vivid memory of being blindfolded and transported under armed guard to photograph Yasser Arafat.

His career continued to flourish and his position as a top photographer was cemented when he began working on multi-million pound advertising campaigns for some of the world leading brands. Robins interest in people portraits never went away and in recent years he has worked closely with the publishing industry shooting book covers and editorials for famous figures including Ian Botham, Kelly Brook, Derren Brown, Terry Pratchett and many more.


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